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Yugi Moto & His Spirit
Current Residence: Domino Game Shop, Millenium Puzzle
Favourite style of art: Cell Shade, Animated
Favourite cartoon character: Funny Bunny
Personal Quote: Believe in your Heart... Believe in the Heart of the Cards
Hello everyone! My name is Yugi Moto and I live in a game shop in Domino City, Japan. This is a club for people who enjoy the characters and games the Yu-Gi-Oh! show has to offer.

General News:
Hey everyone! Our club is now accepting fanarts into the gallery! Isn't that awesome?

Yami: You should have accepted fanarts from the beginning Yugi.

Well, how about that if you want to enter one of your fanart pieces into the gallery just send a note to this club with "Fanart Submission" in the subject and we'll put it up in this gallery for you!

Yami: Say cheese!

Um. I've got an idea for a contest. I think a picture perfect comp. is in order here. Just draw your favourite character from Yugioh doing a pose.

Yami: Sounds easy enough? [Sticks fingers in front of camera and takes a photo]

Competition Closes: December 1st.

Rules for joining:
• Must be a fan of the television series Yu-Gi-Oh!
• You must be friendly with other people here.
• No bagging and/or harmful, offensive comments to other peoples' art.

You still want to join?
• Send a note to the club with "Join" in the subject box.
• Add the avatar to your journals.
° :icon Yu-Gi-Oh:
• Don't leave a message in the comments because I will probably miss it.

:iconsakatarihoujun: :iconbayleef-: :iconscales: :iconsandgoddess-naomi: :iconscarlet-rose: :iconscaredycat: :iconleila-yamagachi-04: :iconyamijay: :iconkaiya-chan: :icontetsuokaneda: :iconfrostartangel: :iconsyoraz: :iconhells-minion: :icondbz-girl: :iconflameswolf: :iconyami-liurong: :iconkaitoiscool: :iconabigaille: :iconkoishii-no-tenshi: :icondenasetsuko: :iconinuyasha-ryou: :icontifalockhart: :iconfirecomet: :iconpepsi-twist: :icongaiathewarrior: :iconjeido-hoshi: :icondaydreamer4ever: :icontimaeus: :iconbrokenaery: :iconinvader-pichu: :iconthebetrayer: :icont-kitty: :iconbalzamon: :iconsarisan: :iconladyalikolecir: :iconkaiya-ren: :icondreamsprite: :iconsilana: :iconclairleader: :iconkurama-kitsune: :iconlynx69: :iconthestealthninja: :icondannyfenton: :iconpharohyami: :iconkawaiiyoon: :iconkimmccloud: :iconlain-of-wired: :iconstarxade: :iconfeeleash: :iconjbritz-afi: :iconmotje: :iconerinessa: :icongslucky: :iconfalse-memories: :icondroopy1389: :icongw3nn0w: :iconyukiangel: :iconjea-chan: :iconakihakala: :iconraventears: :iconchelseatoner666: :iconslifertheskydragon: :iconsilent-shadow: :iconmoonlitviolin: :icondartfreaklisa: :iconwater-bubbles: :iconanimedex: :iconjackiecello23: :iconpharaohatislioness: :iconteengirl:
Members: 70

Brother Yu-Gi-Oh! Club:
• If some things look and feel the same that's the reason why.

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Affiliates: 13


That's all for now! Atemu and Yugi Moto, Signing out. ;)

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I was wondering if there was a club for the actual game and not just the anime?
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may i join i love the cartoon ?
RoseyKiba Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
can I still join ?
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